How To Promote Your Youtube Channel [New Step-By-Step Guide]

How To Promote Your Youtube Channel [New Step-By-Step Guide]

Are you visiting YouTube a lot? Are you planning to leverage its potential for marketing purposes and increase brand awareness and visibility? Do you want to learn how to promote your Youtube channel? You’ve come to the right place. Long are the days when YouTube served only as an endless source of fun and entertainment. Today YouTube has become the second most popular social media channel that organisations are using to improve their rankings and make their brand stand out from the crowd on the market. 

Now you’re thinking: “How will I make my channel popular?” The answer is simple – increase the number of views, comments, likes and subscribers and you will achieve overnight success. There is a whole range of tips and tricks that any average marketer should know about if they want to succeed in their marketing efforts. 

To help you achieve that success, we’ve created an ultimate guide that will walk you through each and every step you need to make to turn your YouTube channel into a goldmine. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

1.Polish Your Channel Profile 

How to Reach YouTube Fame

 Before you even begin implementing the tips and tricks, you need to make sure that your YouTube channel is representative and that it provides your visitors and subscribers with all the necessary information. At the end of the day, your success rate depends highly on how good your page looks like. You need to make it attractive so that your users want to keep track of your work and come back for more.  

Here are a few ways you can do this:

      1. Create a catchy banner 

To be able to have a clear view of whether your YouTube profile is engaging or not, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Does your cover image grab your viewers’ attention?
  2. Does it have your face, tag line and call-to-action?

To grab your visitors’ attention you need to create a profile picture that represents you and your brand in the best possible way. One of the free and effective tools you can use to create an awesome banner is Canva. 

      2. Let people find out more things about you 

Besides creating an eye-catching banner, you also have to provide your visitors with some information about yourself, so that they would know what your focus is. This is imperative if you want to become a successful and a well-known YouTuber. 

Fill in the About section with the essential information including the type of videos you make, how often you do it, who you are making it for, and what your mission is. Also, make sure you add your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter so that people would know where to search for your content. 

Links in YouTube Description

      3. Include a welcome video

Another way to gain more popularity and have more people visit your YouTube channel is to create a welcome video. To get people’s attention, try to make it short and sweet. You can either say more things about yourself or create an interesting mix of your best videos. When doing this, keep in mind that you need to write a short description. 

      4. Categorise your video content 

To give people a clear preview of all the video content you have published, make categories. For instance, if you have a makeup channel, you can easily create a few categories like the following ones:

  • Summer makeup
  • Evening makeup tutorials
  • Beauty hacks and tricks

Do keep in mind that you only have a few minutes to draw people’s attention so try to make the content as organised and engaging as possible. 

YouTube Channel Categories

 2. Connect with your viewers 

  1. Tag your videos – this part is crucial. If you want your video to go viral, you need to tag your videos. Without the right tags, people will not be able to find your videos easily, and the whole point of building a visibility across social media channels is to get as many people as possible to see what things you are working on. Naturally, make sure you don’t use the same tag as everyone else – you don’t want your videos to get buried somewhere across media. Also:
  • Choose keywords that apply to your video. If you choose the wrong keywords, you will mislead the viewers. The easiest way to do this is to use both specific and broad tags. For instance, you can use a tag with the names of the people you mention, keywords that are related to particular events, etc. 
  • Do a little bit of research to find out which tags people are using for that specific niche. There are also many websites that can help you find the right tags

2. Talk to your subscribers – Once you publish your video, more and more people would get involved with it. To encourage them to keep track of what you do, ensure that you have regular conversations with them. This means that you have to respond to every comment they make and even add some of your own comments just to entice further discussion and invite new viewers. Be genuine and friendly because this is what viewers love. Here are a few things you can do to keep that conversation flowing:

  • Friend subscribers who friend you. Make sure you spread love and happiness
  • Create a Twitter account and start following people who have followed your YouTube channel
  • Ensure to set up an email so that viewers can contact you. This is primarily because people often like to contact other people via email instead of sending a message directly on YouTube channel
  • Try to reply to as many comments as possible. If you don’t want to reply to all the comments, then choose only the ones that you like.

 3. Track other people’s channels. YouTube is a community, and if you want to be in the focus of attention you need to communicate with your community. Take part in discussions and give your viewers a chance to express their opinions on various subjects. This will make your channel even more visible and more people will want to visit your profile. Interact with other people on their walls so that other people could see the discussion. You can also send them direct messages and give them genuine positive feedback on what they do. Here are a few things you need to know: 

  • Make sure you actually watch the videos before you comment on them or take part in a particular discussion. You don’t want to cause confusion and make your viewers realise that you are lying. 
  • Keep your viewers in mind when viewing their channels. Make sure you like the videos your viewers would also like or benefit from and link to videos that make your channel stand out. 
  • Also, mention the YouTubers that you follow in the videos you make. They will appreciate it and they will undoubtedly return the favour. 

4. Make new videos at least once a week – One of the essential things you need to do to increase your visibility and attract more people to your channel is to update it regularly with new videos. Ideally, you should make your videos and publish them on schedule so that the people would know when to expect some content from you. However, you need to keep in mind that your videos should be of high-quality and offer something original to your viewers. Here are a few tricks you need to implement to keep your viewers engaged:

  • Spend time “liking” your videos and promoting other content whenever you have time in the meantime. In this way, you will give viewers something to watch and think about which will give you more space to create videos. 
  • Try to stay engaged with your subscribers at all times and not only on the day or that week when you published the video. 
  • Always be proactive. If you know that you will not be able to post a particular video on someday, then make a video in advance and schedule it. 
  • Ensure that you frequently post your videos. Top YouTubers are posting some content almost every day which brings a lot of visibility and increases brand awareness. 

Promote Your Videos

How to Promote YouTube video

There’s not really much point in creating high-quality videos and implementing all the tricks listed above if you don’t promote them. Here are a few tricks you might find useful when promoting your videos:

  1. Create engaging video thumbnails – if you want your visitors to watch your videos, you need to have an effective thumbnail. Simply customise your thumbnail and make it attractive but explanatory so that your viewers know what to expect from your video. 
  2. Add popups in your videos. The main role of popups is to remind your visitors to come back and check the content you have to offer. These pop ups can be very effective, but make sure you don’t overuse them as this can be pretty annoying to viewers. 
  3. Hold a competition – one way you can attract more people to your channel is to give them an opportunity to participate in the competition and win some amazing rewards and prizes. This is cold a giveaway. Also you can simply start giving away some pretty cool things to people who:
  • Share your channel on social media
  • Follow it 
  • Make comments on your videos

In this way you show your viewers that you appreciate their engagement and opinions. Also, there is nothing more fun than getting an award for doing almost nothing which is why your viewers will love it. 

      4. Attend YouTube meetups and conferences 

These kinds of events are pretty frequent and they usually take place all around the world. If you want to build bigger community and make your YouTube channel ad therefore your brand become recognisable, you need to meet other YouTubers. This will allow you to make friends and start collaborations that could bring you much value in the future. Plus, thee people can help you learn some new tips and tricks on how to go viral in no time. By spending time with other YouTubers, you will also encourage them to check out the content you are promoting and share it on their social media channels. 

      5. Engage on social media 

Engaging on Social Media

While you’re video is being published and promoted on YouTube, this doesn’t mean you need to stick to only one network. There are so many popular social media channels, whose potential you need to leverage to give as many people as possible a chance to see your videos. And by this we mean, sharing, commenting and liking other people’s content as frequently as possible. Ask your viewers questions like which ides for new videos they would like to suggest, then make those videos and ask for a genuine feedback. Also, there are plenty of communities where you could share your content and exchange experience with other people who share the same interests with you and promote similar content. 

For instance, you have made a beautiful video about Bali. The easiest way to find people interested in the content you would like to promote is to join communities like Tourism Board Page where people would be eager to share your content. Howere, make sure you are not pushy because this might put them off. At the end of the day, if your content is great it will surely be shared. 

      6. Share your videos on Quora and Reddit 

If you want to encourage even more people to comment on your video, try to make an explanatory video and publish it on Reddit or Quora. Search for relevant questions, and then find the people who are trying to solve the problem that you have just broken down for them. 

      7. Start a blog for your YouTube Channel 

Nowadays, you can embed a YouTube video on your blog in a few easy steps. The best and the easiest way is to create a blog and use a video-specific WordPress theme. Plus, you can also buy a domain and redirect it to your YouTube channel. So, when someone asks you about how to find you on YouTube, simply share the domain. 

Increase the number of likes, views, comments and subscribers

Increase Youtube views and likes

Once you have polished your profile, built your community and promoted it across social media channels, you are ready to work on increasing the number of likes, views, comments and subscribers. Even though you have put so much effort into creating a professional YouTube channel, encouraging people to become more engaged will not happen overnight. You need to make additional effort if you want your YouTube channel to achieve success. 

So, let’s see what tips and tricks can help you get the maximum engagement from your viewers:

  1. Write at attention-grabbing title. The title of the video is probably one of the most important factors that will heavily influence the viewers’ decision whether to see the video or just leave your channel. Besides being informative your title needs to create a WOW moment and make your viewers want to find out more about the topic you are presenting. Also, it should include keywords that will accurately describe your video because this is what will help you increase your rankings on Google. Consider using a number in your title which refers to the things you describe in your video. Numbers can be attention-grabbing and increase click-through rates significantly. Although YouTube description allows around 70 characters, it’s always best to write titles up to 30 characters or even less because it definitely brings more engagement. 
  2. Be consistent – one thing you should definitely keep in mind when focusing your efforts into building YouTube community is consistency. Once you  start something, you need to do all what’s in your power to stay consistent no matter what the circumstances are. One of the reasons why being consistent is an essential component of successful YouTube marketing campaign is that it gives your viewers enough content to dive into, and keeps them updated which is why they decided to follow your channel at the first place. You surely don’t want to disappoint your viewers! Most of the popular channels have very strict schedules like the shows you watch on TV. If you are unable to stick to your schedule, your viewers will never know when you will post your next video which is why they may decide to leave your channel for good. However, keep in mind that, besides publishing your videos on schedule, they have to be of high-quality and they have to offer some real value, if you want your viewers to stay engaged. Because, if your video is not interesting, it won’t motivate the viewers to make their feedback, like comment, like it or share it. 
  3. Call to action – to invite your viewers to react on the video and give some feedback, you should ask them to subscribe by using annotation feature. Simply, place a small box in the top left corner of the screen asking people to join your channel and make sure it runs the whole video. This is an excellent way to invite people to stay regularly updated on the new content you publish and promote, and ultimately increase the number of subscribers. Also, keep in mind that once you get a new subscriber, they are more than willing  to view, comment, like or share your video across media channels. But, don’t go overboard with this feature as it may be pretty annoying if it is constantly popping out in your videos. 
  4. Add hashtags – Hashtags have been popular for many years now, which is why they should be an essential part of your YouTube channel. Hashtags make your videos researchable and they increase visibility. Besides including hashtags in your video description you can also use them in your video title. You can include up to 13 relevant hashtags in your video description – ensure that you respect this rule, because if you add more than 15, YouTube can penalise you by ignoring all the hashtags in your description and might even remove your video which is the last thing you want. 
  5. Use playlists – one of the ways to categorise your videos and give your viewers a chance to have a clear view of all of your videos is to create playlists. Also, if someone decides to watch the entire video, they might want to watch another one that belong to that particular playlist or continue watching the entire playlist. 
  6. Create network – no matter how good your YouTube channel is and what you are promoting, there will always be subscribers that have more subscribers than you. Not many people know this, but there is an option on your YouTube channel that allows you to add YouTubers that you recommend or like. For instance, when you add creators to your recommendation page, it will show up on your channel for other viewers to see it. Also, look for other people who have a lot of subscribers and reach out to them asking them if they would be interested in adding you to their “Featured Channels” page. As long as your provide value, the subscribers will like what they see and draw even more viewers and subscribers to your channel. 
  7. Find niche communities to share your videos with – We have already mentioned above that promoting your video content on groups like Reddint or Quora is very important. Before sharing your videos in various communities and groups you need to do an-in depth research of your niche and find the relevant groups ideal for promoting your content. Besides these groups there are also places where you can share your video with other YouTube enthusiasts that will allow you to increase views, comments. You can also use other social media bookmarking sites to increase interest in your videos like Pinterest or Stumbleupon. 
  8. Use cards – besides endsreens, you can also use cards – optimization features that enable you to promote your other content within your video. These cards can be used for the following things: 
All about Youtube Cards
  • Donating to a non-profit
  • Encouraging users to participate in a poll
  • Sending traffic to your website 
  • Promoting other video content 
  • Getting more channel subscribers 

On top of this, you can use these cards to motivate your viewers to watch some of your not so frequently watched videos and then subscribe to your channel. Also, there is an analytics where you can see at which points your viewers stopped watching your videos and then make the necessary steps and changes to fix that so as to increase your video views. 

9. Buy YouTube likes, comments and subscribers – if you want to look popular and speed up the whole process, then buying YouTube comments, likes, views and subscribers is what you need. We’ll be discussing this in the following chapter. 

 Buying YouTube likes, comments, views and subscribers 

To increase your YouTube’s reputation and cut through the noise, you need to do something that will help you hit the high rankings in no time. However, waiting for your viewers to subscribe to your channel, like your videos and share them can be a long and winding road. The only way to achieve quick success and show people that your YouTube channel offers great value is to invest in buying YouTube comments, likes, views and subscribers. Since many people might have second thoughts about this method, we’ve decided to provide you with all the bits and pieces about how and why to buy them and increase sales volume in no time. 

So, here we go!

 1. Should I buy YouTube likes, comments, views and subscribers?
Buy YouTube Views

Absolutely! And, here are some reasons why you need to do that:

  1. They increase YouTube rankings – YouTube algorithm is designed to bring new popular and engaging videos to your viewers and subscribers. As a matter a fact, YouTube ranks as the second most popular social media channel, which is why this huge potential should be leveraged to achieve marketing success. Namely, the search algorithm assign relevance and authority to each video and then it indexes them. This is something that cannot be adjusted by the user or a creator of the video. Also, do note that like Google, YouTube tends to index videos much faster thus providing many more results than Google. 
  2. They increase engagement – Once the video becomes popular it will entice other viewers and subscribers to start sharing it on other social media channels which will drastically increase its popular even more in a short period of time. This means that when a random viewer sees the video, he or she might want to watch it, like it and share it it further on, even if they didn’t truly like the video or understand it. Because, if the video is popular, most people would like to see it and share it no matter how valuable it really is. This is why buying only likes is not enough. To make your video super-popular, it has to have a big number of views, likes and comments. Also, a video with a lot of views and no likes or comments and vice versa may seem very suspicious to both users and YouTube algorithm. 
  3. They increase social sharing – once your YouTube video becomes popular, more and more people would like to share it on social media channels. When a viewer sees that the video received much likes, views and comments, and that there are many of subscribers following the channel, they will naturally want to share it with their friends, because, this also makes them popular in a way. The best thing about getting people to share your video content is that it becomes visible to a whole range of viewers in a record time and this continues for every user connected to the original viewer. This is how the video becomes viral and reaches a wide number of people. 
  4. Your competitors are doing it – Buying YouTube likes, comments, views and subscribers is already a common trend among many marketers. And why is this so? Many marketers have recognised the importance of getting YouTube popularity in a fast period of time and the only way to do that is to invest into promoting your videos. Most YouTubers that own channels and accounts with a high number of likes, views, subscribers, shares and impressions boost their image as well as the content reputation allowing them reach the top in no time. Can you imagine most of your competitors reaching high rankings while you are still waiting for viewers to take some action? It’s time-consuming and stressful. Instead, by investing in buying your YouTube video likes, comments and shares is an effective way to give your content just as much as initial impression to rank or outrank competitors in your niche and gain more traffic. 
The benefits of buying YouTube likes, comments, views and subscribers 
Benefits of buying YouTube views
  1. It increases your YouTube popularity – once your video starts spreading across media channels, it will motivate people to see some other videos you have created and even subscribe to your channel. This can impact your YouTube visibility in a positive way and help you cut through the noise with more ease. 
  2. It’s affordable – buying YouTube likes, comments, views and subscribers doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. By adding just around 5 or 10 pounds to your budget will not put a heavy burden on your finances and will most certainly contribute to your marketing efforts. After all, it’s just a part of the money you are planning to invest in your social media and it cannot do you any harm. It can only help you enjoy maximum profits out of your video. 
  3. It improves your credibility – By gaining YouTube popularity, you instantly become more credible and build authority in your niche. At the end of the day, reputation plays a major role in the world of marketing. Therefore, you need to make sure you produce videos that are worth of your viewer’s attention and time. Due to the over-saturated market and a huge competition, building your authority is not an easy task. That’s why buying likes, comments and views would help you speed up the process and triumph in your marketing efforts.
  4. It helps you rank better on YouTube – one of the top reasons why you should consider buying YouTube likes, comments, views and subscribers is because it helps you rank better and let people who are not even aware that your YouTube channel exists, check out what you have to offer. Also, buying YouTube likes, views comments and subscribers improves the visibility of your video. As a result, this can put your video in a suggested video section. 
 Buying YouTube likes, comments, views and subscriber – safe or dangerous? 

One of the reasons why many people have second thoughts about whether to invest in buying YouTube comments, likes or views is because they think this might harm their visibility and have a very negative impact on their YouTube channel. These assumptions are actually quite wrong. YouTube TOS has no objections to buying YouTube services which makes it completely legal. So, there is no reason for you to be sceptical about. What’s more it can only bring you benefits. This is the reason why all the companies use it – from small startups to big corporations everyone buys YouTube comments, likes and views without fearing that their videos will be deleted or that YouTube will punish them by deleting their YouTube account.

However, you need to be very careful when choosing your YouTube provider. Make sure you don’t buy services from cheap providers. And, now you’re thinking: “How will I know which providers have good reputation that I can trust?” That’s why you should do an in-depth research and prepare a few questions you might want to ask a provider you choose. Here are some of them:

  1. Do real people provide services? 

If the provider says “yes”, feel free to ask for a free demo so that you can be sure they are not lying. 

      2. How long does it take you to provide me with likes, views, comments and subscribers?

Of course, the answer to this question primarily depends on the type and the amount of services you ordered. For instance, if you want your provider to give you all services including likes, views, comments and subscribers, it will probably take them more time and effort to do that. Also, the provider may ask you whether you want to receive services quicker or faster. This is where you have to be very careful. If, for example, YouTube video instantly gets 1000 likes and views, this might be very suspicious. You don’t want YouTube to detect any wrongdoings, so you should always opt for a slower pace and play it safe. 

      3. How much do the services cost?

When you start looking for a provider, always focus on finding someone who will bring value but whose services match your budget. Even if you found a perfect provider who has excellent reviews, but the services they offer do not fit your budget, try asking the provider to give you some kind of discount. 

How does it work?

Buying YouTube likes  

As we have mentioned above, when buying YouTube likes, views, comments and subscribers, you need to pay close attention to the provider you choose. There is a whole range of companies  – from the ones that sell black hat methods to the ones that play a safe game and that you can rely on. Your YouTube likes provider has to have a good reputation and should be able to promise that they will provide you only with top-quality services who can guarantee that their methods are safe and effective. On the other hand, if you choose a low-quality provider, you risk getting your channel suspended. So choose wisely. If you see any positive changes, you can invest even more money and then get a bigger picture of whether your investments have been worthwhile or not. Your patience will be rewarded with both more likes and more money over time. 

Buying YouTube views 

The most important thing you need to keep in mind when buying YouTube views is to keep a steady growth. Since YouTube is paying a dollar for at least 1000 views, you can expect to earn a lot of money every day if you have a massive subscriber base. If you don’t have enough number of subscribers, all your dreams to earn a significant amount of viewers will simply fail. Like with buying YouTube likes, you need to instruct the company to deliver YouTube views slowly and gradually, because, otherwise, it may trigger the alarm about the ways you are earning those views, especially if you have just recently become a YouTuber. On the other hand, if you spread your views throughout the week, it will ensure steady growth of your channel which is exactly what you want to achieve. You want targeted YouTube views because they will boost organic retention rates significantly. If your views are not targeted they can lead towards higher bounce rate. 

Buying YouTube comments 

Although buying comments for YouTube videos is a controversial topic, it actually does the work. However, it can be very tricky! For example, if you buy real YouTube comments, your video will go viral, but if you pay for fake comments, from bot accounts, you can do serious damage to your YouTube channel and account. Fake comments are one of the fastest ways to turn people off your video.

The comments usually come from freelancers who are paid to go in and comment on your video. It is very hard for YouTube algorithms to track these comments. Also, since these comments come from real people and not bots, they appear more realistic. 

Since, there is a wide range of providers of YouTube comments, finding the reputable, responsible and professional provider is not an easy task.You need to do an in-depth analysis of all the providers, their services and experience, checking out their websites and going through reviews. 

Wrap Up

The bottom line is: If you want to triumph in your marketing efforts, learn how to promote your Youtube channel, and stand out and build a long-lasting authority, buying YouTube likes, comments, views and subscribers is imperative.