YouTube Comments – [In-Depth Case Study]

YouTube Comments – [In-Depth Case Study]

Long are the days when social media was used just for entertainment’s sake and keeping in touch with your closest ones. Today, it has become an essential component when it comes to building brand awareness and increasing visibility in the ever-growing market. Since YouTube is the second biggest repository of searching queries after Google, the content you decide to publish on YouTube has to be of high-quality, promotional and, most importantly, it should trigger interaction. 

Once you attract viewers’ attention, they may want to react on your video, and the best way to do that is to leave comments. 

YouTube comments are posts registered users make on YouTube with the aim to express how they feel about the content presented in the video as well as to encourage further discussion on that particular topic and see other people’s views. YouTube comments very often involve viewers’ feelings, opinions and attitudes and can help you significantly boost your rankings. How? Comments generate discussions, which means more engagement and more people wanting to engage with your content. 

Naturally, getting YouTube comments is not such an easy task. To know how to increase the number of likes and build authority on YouTube, you need to be aware of all the bits and pieces regarding YouTube comments. In this way only will you be able to deliver amazing results. To help you achieve that, we decided to write an ultimate guide where we will outline all the important things you wanted to know about YouTube comments. 

So, let’s get started!

What are the benefits of YouTube comments?

All you need to know about YouTube comments

 When using YouTube channel to promote content, most marketers seem to forget about the importance of increasing their audience’s engagement. They spend most of their time publishing their content, optimising their videos and focusing on increasing likes and views. However, one of the purposes of social media networks such as YouTube is to build a community where more and more people would like to engage and keep track of your new content on a regular basis. It’s just as important to answer YouTube comments as it is important to answer Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram comments. Here are the main benefits of YouTube comments you need to be aware of: 

       1. Authority

Answering questions and comments on your videos which are typically focused on your products, company, industry and services does not only help you understand your specialty better but it also gives you a chance to exchange opinions, spread knowledge and learn something new regarding your field of expertise. The more questions you answer from your audience, the more likely they’ll return for more new insights, suggestions, ideas and brand new content you decide to publish on your channel. In this way, your brand and your channel will become an authority in that particular industry. In other words, creating a high-quality content that your viewers and subscribers will really want to watch and share with others is equally important as helping spur quality conversations across the YouTube channel. 

Since you are the master in your industry and want to position yourself as one of the leaders and experts when it comes to various topics related to your industry, you need to answer and respond to the commentary you get from your audience. Show them that you know what you are doing and that you really care about what they think and how they feel about the particular topic. In this way you will build trust with your viewers and increase not only the number of comments but also the number of views and likes which would ultimately lead to much better engagement and stronger authority. 

      2. Community 

Once you establish your tone of voice and a clear message you want to send to your viewers, your subscribers’ list will start growing and more and more people would want to keep track of your video content. This will ultimately help you grow your much-needed community. Your YouTube community is your valuable asset because it will give you a chance to further establish yourself as an expert in your line of expertise and strengthen your authority in that particular industry. 

By answering your viewers’ questions, reacting on comments or providing additional material you believe your audience would like to know about, you build trust with your viewers and strengthen existing and future relationships with your audience. One important thing you need to be aware of is the tone you use when responding to YouTube comments. You need to make sure you use a personal, friendly tone to give your brand an approachable feel. Also, the more quickly you answer YouTube comments, the happier your YouTube audience will be. Also, in this way, YouTube viewers will be positively surprised because many comments on brand channels remain unanswered. 

      3. Visibility

One of the best things about regularly answering YouTube comments is that it leads to increased visibility not only on YouTube channel but also on Google’s search results. The more comments and the bigger interaction your videos has, the more value YouTube’s and Google’s search algorithm places on it for certain searches. This is something that algorithm most frequently takes into account when determining what videos to rank for. To help you get a clear picture, we will try to illustrate this through an example: If you search for “how to build a deck” in Google, Home Depot’s YouTube video can be found on the first page of results front and centre.  Although many other videos listed in the results have many views they still rank lower than the previously mentioned video although it has less views. From the number of likes and comments we can see that they have invested a lot of effort into building its community by answering questions and giving comments on audience’s comments. By answering some of their viewers’ comments they actually enticed users to continue to comment and encouraged new users and viewers to start commenting on videos and take part in the discussion. Obviously, search algorithms take comments on your videos as an important indication of its quality which is what gives it higher rankings for certain searches. Naturally, the more people search for your content on Google the more visibility your video content will gain on the web. With this in mind, you need to pay particular attention to the time it takes you to answer the questions. If you start answering the questions as soon as possible, it is very likely that your visibility will boost in no time.

      4. It gives you another way to communicate your message 

By encouraging other people to comment on your videos you can amplify your views after the video has already launched. Because, once you reply to the viewer’s comment, you make them come back and see your answer to their comment which is the second time he or she will see your video. Also, this is another chance for you to communicate your message by maybe providing some additional comments or adding some more content connected to the one you have already published. Also, if they reply to your reply, you need to make sure you reply again because this may create a thread where you would invite other people to comment as well. All in all, creating and continuing discussion on your video allows you to show people what your mission is and what kind of message you are trying to convey through your video content. 

Why Your YouTube Channel Needs Comment Strategy 

Why you should buy youtube comments?

 As we have already mentioned earlier posting your videos on YouTube Channel is a great way to raise awareness of your services and goods. This encourages your subscribers, and new viewers to watch your videos, like them and finally even comment on them. Answering people’s comments is crucial if you want to build a strong and long-term relationship with your audience. According to recent research, every video with 5000 or more comments has at least one million views. The thing is that comments and views go hand in hand. The comments you and your viewers make can have a significant impact and encourage people to rewatch your video more than once or even share it with other people. 

However, be mindful that increasing the number of views is not the only reason to have a comments strategy. A comments strategy is simply necessary if you want to build awareness, get higher rankings and direct viewers to more of your content. Here are a few essential steps you need to take to run a successful comments strategy:

       1. Post your own comments 

Once you start building your brand awareness, you might encounter a few obstacles. Namely, if you are new to the industry, and has just created a YouTube channel where you would promote your brand, you need to get as many views as possible so as to show the viewers that your content is worth watching. People are generally shy to start commenting on the video first. So to break the ice, you can start commenting on your video yourself. There is nothing wrong with you starting the conversation. This will only show people that they can freely take part in the conversation. The most important thing here is to be authentic and add personality so that the people know that you are an expert and that you have the credibility to share your thoughts on that particular topic. No one will bother to engage in the conversation with a generic boring brand.

       2. Reply to comments promptly, ideally within an hour or two

One thing you should keep in mind when building your YouTube comments strategy is that you need to answer the comments as soon as possible. People generally do not like waiting for response for a long time not only on YouTube channel, but on any social media network. Waiting for someone to answer your question can be frustrating and may give an impression that the person behind the brand simply doesn’t care enough about their potential customers. By answering the comments while the video is fresh in the commentator’s mind your want your conversation will gain momentum, so don’t nag around. Also, make sure you look at your comments settings here as this will let you hold all comments until you have reviewed them all, or you can allow for all comments to be posted immediately. We will discuss whether you should allow all comments to be posted or not later on in more detail. 

      3. Answer constructive criticism 

While YouTube comments can bring you numerous benefits and help you thrive in your marketing efforts, they can also sometimes damage your reputation. You need to be conscious of negative comments and and how you should deal with criticism and trolling. For instance, comments with constructive criticism should be welcomed. By replying to negative commentary you show your viewers and subscribers that you have authenticity and that you take their attitudes, opinion and thought seriously. This will ultimately create a positive view of your brand and help you stand out from the crowd. However, it is advisable that you have a policy of dealing with abusive trolls as they can discourage people from engaging with your content. You don’t want your viewers to stop visiting your channel just because there are too many negative comments. Also, YouTube algorithm puts the top comments first, so the chances are that, if you don’t have a high troll to comments ration, these negative comments won’t be seen after all (unless a particular viewer wants to read all the comments from the top to the bottom).

When you start answering the questions and comments you can also forward links to your website or some other videos that are related to the issue you are presenting and discussing in the comments. This is a great opportunity to send your viewers further along the customer journey allowing them to get an insight into all the content you publish and the message you are trying to send. This should definitely be a critical part of your marketing strategy. Even if you simply don’t have enough time to answer all of your comments, a simple thumb up is a great way to show your viewers that you are listening to them and that you respect what they have to say on that particular topic. This will ultimately help you build a community around your brand. 

      4. Use your videos to trigger and fuel conversation 

The easiest way to fuel conversation is through your videos. Besides the main video that you promote on your channel, you can also use them to ask for comments or comment on somebody else’s comment and provide your viewers with additional video content that they might want to watch and that is related to the video being published. Another thing you can do is to showcase some specific comments you have received in your video. In this way you are shouting out to individuals and adding some personal touch. If you have some biggest fans you can even add them to your future video or invite them to submit their own video. In this way, your viewers will know that you respect their engagement and that you care about your viewers and subscribers. You can also ask for feedback on what kind of videos your audience would like to see in the future and then work on delivering the content your viewers really want to watch and learn from. 

      5. Reward your community and build deeper engagement

If you notice that you are building some kind of fanbase, you should focus on levering it to gain even more popularity. One way to do that is to reward your most loyal fans and subscribers by either producing relevant and exclusive content only available to certain subscribers (this means that your content will have to be private or unlisted). Another way to do that is to invite your subscribers and viewers to take part in a competition where you would reward them with a giveaway or a real reward. This will unquestionably draw much of the attention and help you significantly increase your rankings. For instance, Jamie Oliver did this to give a behind-the-scenes of his daily life. What a great way to encourage more people to get familiar with the content you publish?!

      6. Produce Great Video

None of the above makes any sense if your video does not present a relevant and outstandingly produced content that tells a good story and grab’s people’s emotions. You want your video to be memorable and make people want to come for more. There is a whole range of ideas you can focus on in your videos. To choose the one that will lead to Wow reaction you need to do an in-depth research and find the topics you believe your viewers will be interested in. We will outline the best practices when it comes to creating a high-quality video later in the text. 

How to respond negative YouTube comments?

how to respond to negative comments on youtube

 We have mentioned above that responding to YouTube comments is an essential factor in building your authority and increasing your visibility on YouTube channel. However, this might be quite a challenge if you receive negative comments. Since there are thousands of people searching for YouTube videos on a daily basis, there are many haters that can leave bad comments on your video. This is when you have to have the right strategy how to respond to those comments without creating bad vibe that would potentially put off other viewers from visiting your channel and keeping track of what you publish. 

       1. Arguing with audience

When encountered with negative comments bloggers need to learn how to handle it without saying anything hateful, disrespectful or anything that would insult viewers because this may cause a lot of rage with other viewers who didn’t have a negative attitude towards your work in the first place. A negative response can damage your reputation and cause all of your marketing efforts to fail, so make sure you do not share anything that would compromise your authority and credibility. Even if you sometimes lose control and write something that might lead to more negative comments, make sure you either delete or hide your comments. 

      2. Criticism and negativity 

Here are a few things you need to know when it comes to criticism and negativity that can sometimes spread on YouTube channel:

  • Almost every YouTube experiences troll attack
  • Every YouTuber is bound to get negative and hurtful comments 
  • Online trollers always try to hurt other people’s feelings because that is what they do
  • YouTubers should never fall for the bait, because this is exactly what trolls want them to do. It’s very important to ignore such comments. 
  • f the person continues to pester you and give bad comments, block that person and move on.
  • Negative comments can sometimes be useful and provide you with a constructive feedback you can then use to improve your videos, your product, and ultimately your brand. So, if it is a constructive criticism, make sure you listen to the advice. 
  • Always focus on the positive comments that appreciate hard work because this is the most important feedback you can receive. 
  • Differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate – this brings us to the point where you have to make a clear distinction between videos you need to fix and the ones that do not require any improvements. If your YouTubers seem to dislike a video for a particular reason, you need to differentiate a legitimate from illegitimate comment. Sometimes people may write bad comments just because of their personal issues. If, on the other hand, you acknowledge the mistake or criticism, make sure you do not repeat it in your next videos. Do not simply delete negative comments because this may backfire and your audience may start thinking that you simply don’t care about how your viewers feel about your content and that you simply don’t want to do anything to improve the video.

      3. Identifying trolls 

One way to avoid negative criticism is to try to identify the trolls. As the Internet is the place full of trolls, identifying the ones that might attack your channel is not an easy thing to do. However, there are few techniques you need to be aware of. These trolls tend to target YouTube videos with a lot of views and their only goal is to hurt or make the vloggers angry. Plus they use offensive language because they want to annoy you and make you react negatively on their comment. On the other hand, not all the people who leave negative comments on your channel are essentially trolls.They might simply be the people with poor communication skills who do not know how to express their thoughts constructively or they simply have a poor language. However, ensure that you do not use emotional or offensive language when dealing with trolls as this may make them angry even more. Generally, it is not advisable to respond to trolls even when responding to their comments keep them dry and factual. Always maintain calm and do not change your tone. If you do, you will give them enough room to attack you again and this is how you enter a vicious circle of negative commentary on both sides.

So, to find out who trolls are and who regular people are, you need to pay attention to the way they communicate and then respond to comments. 

Stay confident

Trolls will post a negative comment on any YouTube video they watch because this is what drives them. No YouTuber is saved from troll’s comments, everyone gets them.

You need to keep in mind that these comments have nothing to do with the quality of the work you do. These kinds of comments only reflect the person who was writing that comment. 

One of the most important things you need to do in this kind of situation is to stay confident and do not show that you are bothered by the negative vibe these comments send. Your only job is to focus on creating the content that will inform your viewers and subscribers and that will bring value to your brand. Also, make sure you respond to the positive comments and interact with the supporters whenever you can. This will help you convey a positive message and build a connection between you and your audience which is all that matters at the end of the day.

So, let’s summarise all the tips you need to be aware of when dealing with negative YouTube comments:

  1. Delete the negative comments, block the commenter or respond positively and try to obtain clarification. Find the best way to react to it according to the situation, type of the comment and type of the video you have published. 
  2. Do not respond to negative comments if you do not have an argument or any legitimate reasons. When it comes to trolls, silence is golden.
  3. Do not feed the negativity because this is all that trolls are after and will do everything to annoy you to the point when you burst and start giving inappropriate comments. They get entertained by these kinds of responses. 
  4. They may sometimes write highly offensive comments. In such a case, you should delete that negative comments and give a message that you will not tolerate this kind of behaviour on your channel. 
  5. Use YouTube comment moderation. In this case, moderators of your YouTube channel should watch for a few things. For example, when you are moderating comments you need to make sure you are moderating the right thing. In other words, do not delete all the comments that come from anyone who disagrees with you because other viewers may consider your channel not to be transparent. However, there are few types of comments that you should flag and delete immediately:
  6. Comments that are completely irrelevant – For instance, if your video is teaching your users about how to increase the number of YouTube likes and someone posts a comment about how they are looking for a green dress for a party, there is really no point in keeping this kind of comment. The best thing to do is to simply delete it. 
  7. Spam – Unfortunately, spam has become quite frequent and it is popping up almost anywhere anytime. Spam bots have gotten smarter and seem to be commenting everywhere just to get users to click on their links. It’s crucial to moderate these comments because they both look quite bad on your channel and they can potentially send your users to some other websites that install malware or viruses on their computers. 
  8. Offensive or inflammatory content – Anything that includes personal attacks, harmful stereotypes, inappropriate language or imagery or even hate speech. For instance, if YouTube channel promotes the content related to children’s after-school program, it may lose its viewers and subscribers if there are many curse words in comments, etc. All in all, whether you decide to moderate your channel yourself or you hire someone to do it for you, knowing when and how to weed out negative and offensive comments will significantly benefit your business and help you build your authority. 
  9. There are effective ways you can respond to YouTube comments. However, do not pay much attention to them as there are many positive comments you also need to focus on.
  10. The most mature way to deal with negative comments is to simply ignore them. 
  11. Set time to read all the comments because in this way you will no longer waste time dealing with trolls and their bad, frequent and offensive commentary
  12. Some people are only looking for ways to get attention and will do everything in their power to get it. Trolls belong to this group of people. They find trolling as one of the better ways to ask for care.

Disabling comments and likes should definitely be the last option you should go for. Because by disabling comments you also disable negative comments which, on the other hand, can bring you and your business a lot of benefits and extend your network of viewers and subscribers. Therefore, this should be your last resort. Getting negative feedback from your audience is something that simply cannot be avoided. Different people have different attitudes and different personal issues that they, unfortunately have to express in public but in a bad way.  

How to increase the number of YouTube comments?

How to increase YouTube comments

As YouTube has become a major and probably one of the most popular social media networks, it is essential that you leverage its power to increase the popularity of your brand and boost your visibility across channels. One of the ways to do that is most certainly through YouTube comments. YouTube channel provides valuable social proof, showing your viewers and subscribers that all other users were invested in your content by commenting on it and staying engaged in particular discussions or even subscribing to a channel. As we have mentioned above, comments have a positive impact on building your brand’s authority because they generate discussion which means more people who want to engage and keep track of your content. With so many brands out there in ever-growing market, increasing the number of comments and getting more people to engage and stay engaged is not an easy task. But with the right plan in mind and efficient techniques, anything is possible. To help you get a clear picture of the things you can do to increase the number of comments on your channel, we have done a thorough research and came up with a few amazing ideas on how you can achieve this goal:

       1. End your videos with questions 

One of the ways how to attract viewers’ attention is definitely a question. If you ask your viewers a question, they will most certainly want to answer. Questions can be pretty open-ended (for example, you can start your question like “What do you think?”). However, being specific will always work to your benefit. By asking a specific question, you will motivate your viewers to answer that question. For instance, if you ask your viewers what kind of content they would like you to create, they would want to answer that question because they will appreciate your eagerness to find out what they are interested in. Also, by asking your viewers specific questions like this one, you can increase the number of questions you receive from your viewers. 

Or, for instance, you may ask a question like: “Do you have any questions about how to increase the number of comments on your YouTube channel? Let me know in the comments below”. This is a great call to action that will drive engagement. 

Also, if you are sometimes in a lack of ideas what kind of video you would like to make, you can simply ask your viewers what they would like to watch and they will give you an honest answer. This is a common tactic of YouTube stars. This will not only drive engagement but it will also help you think of some new ideas for future videos that might attract even more attention among viewers. 

      2. Leave the first comment 

This comes back to social proof. It’s like many people on the dance floor where no one wants to start dancing, actually no one wants to be the first one – the ice-breaker. Instead we wait for someone else to take the lead. But waiting for someone else to do that will not get us anywhere. So get on the digital dance floor and start the discussion yourself. You will be surprised with how many people will follow and how many of them will suddenly have something interesting to say on the subject. 

Leave first comment on YouTube

There are a few options you can choose from for this one:

  1. Post comments under your channel’s name. Don’t worry there is nothing wrong about this. It can only trigger some discussion and invite more people to track what content you publish. 
  2. Ask someone you know, your close friend or a relative to post a comment instead of you. You will be surprised with the results.  

3. Replicate your top-performing content.

If you have noticed that some of your videos performed much better in the past than others, this naturally means that more people were interested in this particular subject and that’s a good reason why you should either repost that contain or create similar content. Once you figure out what’s working, you will much more easily create more content that will cover the topics that people want to listen about. Also, when searching for top-performing videos, pay attention to their length, format and even CTAs and then you can implement these in your new videos as well. This will undoubtedly bring more people to your channel and make them want to take part in discussions. 

4. Host a YouTube contest

Another way you can increase the number of viewers and comments is by organising a type of contest where you would offer them some kind of service or a reward if they win the contest. This has worked for Facebook and Instagram so far, and should definitely work for YouTube Channel as well. Creating a contest and promoting it to your YouTube subscribers may take some time but will pay off in the end. Also, you will need to have some additional funds for the prize, but it will generate a buzz and draw attention to your channel in no time. If you encourage comments through contests, that is if you ask your subscribers to comment something on your channel in order to get a prize, this will generate even more comments and ultimately increase the number of comments and lead to discussions. 

Hosting a YouTube contest

5. Keep the trolls away

Although we have talked about trolls and their bad impact on your YouTube channel, we should also mention that getting rid of trolls or doing your best to keep away from them can significantly help you increase the number of comments. This will keep your channel more positive and prevent trolls from driving away users who actually like what you do and who want to engage with your business. 

6. Be consistent 

One of the things most YouTube channels have in common is the fact that they never stop posting new fresh content. In other words, they always try to be consistent because this is what their audience expects from them. If you want your videos to be taken seriously, you need to publish your video content regularly and consistently. Some popular YouTube channels even have strict schedules, like the shows you watch on television. Consistency makes your audience stay engaged and up to date with everything that you publish. If you realise that you can’t stick to the schedule, the viewers may never know when you are going to upload a new video which may cause them to lose interest in your content eventually. However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind: while it is important that you publish your videos regularly, you also need to ensure that those videos are high-quality and that your audience will really watch your videos and come back for more. If the video isn’t interesting, people won’t comment or subscribe even if you publish your video consistently. 

7. Call to Action 

Creating a video and publishing it on YouTube and social media in general is simply not enough if you want to attract new viewers and subscribers. When uploading your video, always keep in mind that you need to have a call to action because it is the easiest way to invite people to react on your video, comment on it or do something more and it really doesn’t cost a thing. For instance, during the video you can ask your viewers to subscribe to keep up to date with all your videos using the “annotation” feature. In the top left corner of the screen, place a small box asking your viewers to subscribe and make sure it runs throughout the whole video. In this way you will always remind your viewers that they should be following you if they like your content. Plus, you may as well add another annotation box with a link directing your viewers to go to your YouTube channel page. This is an easy and effective way to remind your audience to join your channel and you should definitely take advantage of it. 

Everyone who becomes a subscriber to your channel is much more likely to start commenting on your videos and keep track of everything you do than random viewers.

Create Call To Action on YouTube

8. Add a widget 

If you want to get more views and comments on your video, you need to leverage the power of YouTube widgets. If your website is getting enough traffic, it’s great that you let your visitors and general audience know that you have a YouTube channel they should visit and see the content you are publishing and promoting on a regular basis. If they are fans of your website there are chances they will like the stuff you do on your channel as well. In order to get a widget, simply download a plugin for your blog or just copy a simple piece of code and place it on your website.

9. Network

No matter what kind of content you are promoting and how much time and effort you are investing into creating and promoting your videos, there are always YouTubers that have more subscribers than you. Many people don’t know that there is an option on YouTube that allows you to add YouTubers that you like or recommend. This means that when you add other creators to your recommendation page, this will show up on your YouTube channel allowing all the viewers and subscribers to see them.

On the other hand, if you can find people with a lot of subscribers, reach out to them and ask them if they would like to add you to their “Featured channels” page. If you deliver value and these YouTubers like the content you publish, there is no reason why they would not do that. All in all, this is a great way to draw more views to your page if they decide to add you to their list. 

10. Crete creative headline

Metadata is crucial in all aspects of digital marketing, especially in YouTube marketing campaigns. In its core, metadata includes creating description and tags for the videos you decide to upload.

When creating your titles, you need to pay close attention to your viewers’ needs and to write a headline where you would be as specific and intriguing as possible. Once your viewers start browsing through video headlines, they would always click on the ones that draws their attention. So, instead of writing something like “How to get more YouTube Views”, you need to create a compelling title like “10 drastic ways to increase your YouTube views by 133 percent”. To see what works best for you, you can use several tests and then opt for the one that shows the best results. Also, besides using keywords try using numbers as this usually draws people’s attention and can significantly increase your clicks. Another thing to have in mind when creating a YouTube title is the form. With this in mind, make sure you don’t ask questions in your titles because according to recent research, YouTube videos that included a question in their titles performed 24% worse than the videos whose title was affirmative. And, finally, whatever you do test it to find the best recipe. 

When it comes to titles, the first thing users look at when searching for a video is a relevant title that will provide them with the answer they are looking for. But this is not the only thing video title does. It also helps YouTube understand what the video is about as well as when it should show up as a search result. One of the best ways to optimize your video is most certainly by carefully choosing the keywords you want you video to be searched for. Make sure your video title is using the keyword you are targeting. If the keyword is not used in the video, YouTube might think you are engaged in a spammy behaviour. 

Also, when it comes to your YouTube video description, you need to take advantage of those 5000 characters you can play with. Unlike Cards and Annotations which exclusively allow you to promote a website associated with that YouTube account, video description allows you to include links to any URL. This is why you may often see the link at the beginning of the description or somewhere in the middle of the description. 

11. Use Keywords

As we have mentioned in the paragraph above, using keywords is of great importance when creating and publishing your video content. Why? Because, when someone is searching for some topic, they will search for that topic by typing in specific keywords. In fact, according to studies, 60 percent of your new subscribers may come from a YouTube search. This is why you need to focus your efforts into creating compelling video title and description. If you have difficulty coming up with adequate keywords, try using one of the tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. Plus, you should take advantage of tags, because there can never be enough tags. 

12. Promotion

Even if you create the most compelling content that everyone would like to see, all your marketing efforts will go down the drain if you don’t leverage the power of social media to promote it to a wider audience. As soon as you upload your video, don’t forget to market it on Facebook, Linkedin and all other social media channels. Here are a few ways how you can market your video:

  1. Submit to social bookmarking websites 
  2. Post the link on your social media websites 
  3. Send it to your mailing list 
  4. Add to video search engines
  5. Comment on blogs with your YouTube URL

If your video is unique and if it offers a high-quality content that people would like to see, words should spread easily and quickly, leading to more views. 

13. Create a great thumbnail 

Besides creating a compelling headline and intriguing video description, it is important to create an attractive thumbnail. For instance, if you wish to upload a cat video, it is always advisable to show the cat in action instead of using a stock photo of the cat. If, on the other hand, you are not sure what kind of photo to pick, consider looking at other popular videos to see which photos other people use for their thumbnails. Since YouTube is one of the most popular social media networks at the moment, building a fan base is not a difficult task. All you need to do is to be consistent and build quality. 

14. Ask questions in comments 

Apart from asking questions at the end of the video, you should also try asking questions in comments to encourage viewers to respond and take part in the discussion. Also, if you search through YouTube channels you will see that many YouTubers simply pin their comment asking a question such as people’s opinion on the video, their recommendations when it comes to creating a new video, etc. The best thing about this is that it allows you to see how many people are responding to your question as it will show up as a reply. Plus, you can edit your own comment or even delete at any point. To let your viewers know that you are reading their comments, you may as well give a comment to their reply from time to time. If you want to spark conversation, you can ask something controversial that could lead to speculation causing people to start commenting and asking more questions. 

15. Mention commentators in the videos

Can you imagine how a commentator might feel if his or her name was mentioned in the video? Basically, it is the ultimate validation of their authority. Some YouTubers even promote full videos where they are answering and reacting on their viewers’ comments. These kinds of videos are actually very popular. You don’t even have to do a full video on comments. You can just start a video by giving a shout-out to people who gave a particular comment or surprised you in a positive way. This will make their day and help them stick out. Not only will this increase the number of comments, but it will also uplift both your overall mood and the mood of your viewers and ultimately lead to more motivated content and increased popularity. 

Another thing you can do is to pick some negative comments and comment on them in your videos. This can also encourage discussion and lead to creating some other topics you may want to present in some of your future videos. Some YouTubers create videos where they respond to mean comments in a funny and humorous way. This will prevent you from feeling badly about negative comments, and allow you to view them in a humorous manner instead of a cruel one. This also refers to videos/viewer suggested videos.

16. Use comments exchange websites

Did you know that there are websites where you can leave comments and then they, in return, comment on your YouTube channel. These websites are simple to use. You just need to sign in, comment on videos, and then other users will give comments on your videos. While these comments do not come from your YouTube viewers, they bring additional value as they significantly increase your ranking in the YouTube algorithm and may actually trigger actual and honest comments as viewers see an active section.

Here are a few pros of this technique:

  1. Free and little effort is required
  2. This generally guarantees comments 
  3. Little effort is required 

17. Give your opinion on something that might be controversial

If you want your audience to take part in the discussion, you need to be transparent with your audience without being too dramatic about it. If you start a conversation around the topic that is controversial, you will definitely get your audience’s attention. Even if you open yourself about that particular topic, and your opinion is not something like a taboo, people will respect you even if they disagree with you. However, you always need to have in mind that being respectful to your audience is an imperative. 

Giving your opinion on hot topics will get people talking regardless of whether they agree or disagree with you. Also, if you choose to start some controversial topic, ensure that you avoid topics like politics, war, and all other things that may trigger negative response. Also, a lot of times your videos could be demonitized if you talk about such sensitive things. Plus, always be respectful of other people’s opinions and attitudes and ask them about their genuine opinions on certain topics because you really want to know.

How to buy YouTube comments?

How to Buy YouTUbe Comments

One of the ways to increase comments on YouTube channel is to start buying YouTube comments. Although to some people this may be a controversial topic, it actually does the work and can bring amazing results in the long run. Particularly in instances where you have already bought YouTube views and likes, buying comments will only bring additional value and make your video stand out. Also, buying comments will ease a suspicion that views on your video are not 100% organic. 

Also, keep in mind that buying YouTube comments can be quite tricky sometimes. For example, if you have bought real comments, this will help you boost your video. However, if you have bought fake comments, this might significantly damage your credibility, authority and can be one of the fastest ways of turning people away from your channel. Let’s be more specific here: if you buy fake comment from bots, you might get a lot of terrible spam comments that YouTube algorithm can easily identify and then hurt your rankings. 

If you are wondering who is buying comments, you will be surprised to find out that even the celebrities and fortune companies are doing as well. 

If you are having second thoughts about whether to start buying YouTube comments or not, we have identified some of the major reasons that should help you in your decision-making process. So, here are some of the reasons to buy YouTube comments:

      1. Increase in engagements

Like with views and likes, buying comments will attract existing and new viewers as well and make them want to come for more. Once they see that people are commenting on your video and that many viewers take part in discussions on some controversial topics, they would definitely wish to be a part of it. Comments make new viewers more comfortable, open and self-confident so they can easily express their opinions and attitudes. Some people will only decide to agree or disagree with other viewers. Finally, as more and more people start commenting on your video, it will get a rise in search rankings which will ultimately help other people easily search for it and find it when looking for that specific piece of content. 

      2. Fight the trolls with positive comments 

There will be people who will post negative comments on your channel just to hurt your feelings. This negativity can easily damage your reputation. One way to fight them is to write positive comments instead of reporting them or deleting them from your channel. In this way, you will show that their bad commentary does not bother you. 

      3. It makes your bought views look organic

When buying YouTube views and likes, you don’t get any comments which means that those views and likes may sometimes look fake to a random viewer. Normally, anyone who likes and views your video would maybe want to comment on it. So, buying YouTube comments will help to make it look like those views and likes came organically. 

      4. Brand loyalty 

Tell the world that your brand is very loyal. The first thing viewers see once they go to your channel is the number of views, likes and comments. They will always look for that particular video that has more comments than the others and then wait for your next video with excitement. The more comments you have the more viewers would like to see and keep track of the videos you publish. Due to this, the search engine will rank your videos high. If they find your videos interesting they will immediately want to subscribe and maybe even share it with their friends on social media. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

      5. It will will bring a great number of viewers and subscribers

One thing you need to keep in mind before thinking about buying YouTube comments is the number of subscribers and viewers that you have. All video owners need to have frequent subscribers and viewers because they will be constantly anticipating on any of your new videos. The only thing you need to do is find a secret formula how to attract them – by buying YouTube comments. They will also spread the good word about your video and encourage other people to visit your channel and see your videos. 

Why should you buy YouTube comments?

If you are focusing your marketing efforts on making your YouTube channel go viral, investing some of your money into buying comments will unquestionably pay off. If you do not have a sufficient number of YouTube comments, you will not gain popularity, your video will not gain visibility and you YouTube channel will fail to build authority. This is why it is essential to get more YouTube comments and make your video as well as your business popular as soon as possible. Through YouTube comments you might get instant popularity. 

What are the benefits of buying YouTube comments?

Benefits of buying youtube comments

There are multiple benefits of buying YouTube comments. Here are some of them:

  • YouTube reaches everyone. According to a recent survey by eMarketer, 43% of baby boomers are active users of YouTube. This means that as the generations are getting younger, viewing average goes up. For instance, since 81,9% of teens watch YouTube, this social media network is an ideal platform for advertising 
  • YouTube comments improve customer support. Clients are given a chance to watch a video instead of calling customer service, and then they can even ask a question or comment on a video, so that you or one of the representatives of your brand can easily take part in the discussion and help client solve any unclarities. Plus, these comments are visible and open to the public, which means that if any other client has a similar question, he or she can just look at the comment section and find the answer they are looking for. 
  • With more YouTube comments, the number of viewers and likes immediately goes up
  • Good engagement
  • Subscriber’s growth – as we have already mentioned above, with the number of comments, the number of views and likes start increasing leading to a bigger number of subscribers. 
  • It creates the power of social proof – the term social proof has been gaining much popularity in recent years. It its core, it describes the impact social media has on viewers. This concept essentially refers to a psychological idea that people decide how to act based on the behaviour of others. The same refers to YouTube video. If you see that a particular video is getting a lot of traffic, and that many people want to watch it, you are going to judge that video as good and worth watching. Once you buy YouTube comments, you are taking advantage of social proof for your channel. Increased YouTube comments will unquestionably expand your audience reach and potential for gaining customers. 
  • It creates conversation around your content – When you buy YouTube comments, you are instantly starting a conversation and discussion on your channel about that specific video. Although the first comments are mainly bought, soon others will see the threads on the channel and begin to engage too. This will lead to engagement and growth which will allow you to build your brand. 
  • It gives your content a boost – If you are just starting out on an oversaturated market, you probably do not have enough viewers and subscribers to gain traction and reach a significant number of audience members. With such a massive volume of videos being presented on YouTube channel on a daily basis, it’s no wonder that this is not an easy task. This is where comments can truly help you out. If you purchase comments for your videos you will automatically buy advantage over other videos that contain similar subject matter. A whole range of organisations and restaurants such as saloons, studios, cafes, models, celebrities and others choose to purchase comments to increase the engagement on their channel. If you want to get ahead and maintain competitive advantage in the industry, taking steps to buy comments is the right thing to do. 
  • It offsets negative comments – we have already mentioned the negative impact of trolls whose only aim is to damage your reputation practically for no reason. This can significantly hurt your page. So, if a person who is visiting your page in order to get more details about your product reads all the negative commentary, they will decide to leave the page and won’t show any more interest in your product. However, if you buy positive comments, you will get the chance to change the message around your content and make it more representative. 
  • It helps you save a lot of time and energy – We all know that developing a sound and efficient social media campaign to increase presence of your brand and your product is not an easy task. YouTube channels with 10000 followers are considered to be successful, but you have to take into account that a very small number of channels actually achieve this goal. We cannot say that there is an average amount of time it takes you to develop your YouTube channel, but a normal pace is somewhere between 6 months and 2 years. This amount of effort over the course of two years would be much better spent if you invested in some other things and other business initiatives. By buying YouTube comments you will be able to gain significant following much more easily and quickly allowing you to convert those followers into YouTube subscribers in no time. 
  • It’s a marketer’s best kept secret – It is well-known that most marketers buy YouTube comments to get the best results from their marketing campaigns, and that they are experiencing payoff for their organization. If you are working on developing your marketing strategy, you are most likely investing your resources in ads, both digital and print. Well, buying YouTube comments fit into that category as well. Think of it as a way to promote a post on Facebook, create an ad for your page on Instagram or purchase a banner ad on your website. 
  • Increase business profits – At the end of the day, the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve is to do what really matters for your business. YouTube channel is another social media tool that will help you and your organisation increase profits. As more and more organizations and companies turn to YouTube and explore its capabilities and features to promote their brands, it also becomes extremely important to expand your network of subscribers and make them more engaged. When you purchase your comments, you are exposing your content to a larger audience and participating in a direct conversation with potential consumers. The more consumers you reach the bigger the chances that they will become paying customers. 

What all these benefits mean for your business

This new digital age gives consumers a possibility to choose from a wide range of options. In other words, choices are limitless. To offer your customers what they are looking for you need to be present on social media, particularly on YouTube and convince them that your products and services are better than the rest. 

A few facts to keep in mind before buying YouTube comments

  • You should buy comments that provide strong opinion on the topic you are presenting through your video.
  • They should offer further in-depth description of some facts mentioned in the video 
  • In your comments you should be asking questions that will encourage others to start answering those questions as well as commenting on the video or ask more questions
  • The comments should be referring to some points and specific moments in the video that should further be analysed 
  • The comments should express their thoughts and feelings about whether and how much the viewers liked the video. This will motivate others to start commenting and expressing their views and thoughts, which is the ultimate goal you want to achieve. 

Where do I buy YouTube comments? 

Since there is a wide range of YouTube comments providers on the Internet, choosing the one that will perfectly suit your needs is not an easy task. To find the one that will perfectly match your business needs you need to do an in-depth research, check out the websites and go through reviews. This brings us to the question: Is buying YouTube comments safe?

Safety is a major factor when deciding where to buy what you need. If you want to ensure safety, you should always check who you are buying YouTube comments from. A good rating means that most customers are satisfied with the provider’s services, so always make sure you buy YouTube comments from legitimate advertisers. 

How do Providers deliver YouTube comments?

Process of Delivering YouTube comments

 There are a few ways YouTube comments providers can deliver comments. The first option allows businesses to submit their own responses across specified content customised packages. The second option allows providers to view and respond – these are most definitely unique and customised comments. The third option is the lowest grade and it is done randomly. All in all, to get the best services you need to choose the best providers because they will protect your business’ integrity and identity as well. Preserving integrity is crucial for gaining and maintaining reputation.  

As said earlier in the article above, you must avoid buying fake comments. Now, the question is how these real comments work. Usually, the real comments come from freelancers who are usually paid to go in and make comments on the uploaded videos. Such comments are considered hard for any website algorithms to track. Furthermore, since the comments are coming from real people, these comments will be realistic when compared with comments on bots or proxy. Also, if you buy real YouTube comments, your video will go viral, but if you pay for fake comments, from bot accounts, you can do serious damage to your YouTube channel and account. Fake comments are one of the fastest ways to turn people off to your video.

Since, there is a wide range of providers of YouTube comments, finding the reputable, responsible and professional provider is not an easy task.You need to do an in-depth analysis of all the providers, their services and experience, checking out their websites and going through reviews. 

In case you are not sure how to buy YouTube comments, here are some of the essential steps you need to take to get the best out of your bought comments:

      1. Determine the right time to buy YouTube comments

If you have an amazing video on YouTube and you have noticed that nobody posted any comments, then people are most certainly not so inspired to discuss the video. In this case, you need to consider the ideal time to post comments on your channel. You need to target a prime or peak time when most people will be available and most eager to comment on you videos. 

      2. Ensure that the comments are positive and real

If you decide to buy YouTube comments, you need to ensure that they are positive. Naturally, you don’t want a negative feedback on the video as this may put your viewers off the channel. Once you start getting positive comments, it might motivate others to start leaving comments as well. People who can see and read the positive comments about the video will consider video worth watching and might as well share them with their friends and colleagues on their social media networks. Also, this will encourage them to make positive comments and share good thoughts about the video which is exactly what you need to make your brand stand out from the crowd. 

So, when you are in need to get famous with more comments and likes on YouTube, buying comments is just the right thing to do for your business. It eventually helps you attract the targeted audience and make them know the brand you are promoting online. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for ways how to become famous with your uploaded videos and want more and more people to see your video, it is best to buy YouTube video comments online. Choose the best website that is trustworthy and professional and that provides you with real comments but at an affordable price.

Do I need to buy YouTube subscribers and YouTube views?

As we have pointed out above, if you want to triumph in your marketing efforts, the best recipe is to buy views and likes along with the comments. To achieve real success, you need to focus on boosting all the elements of YouTube video that will ultimately contribute to its better ranking. That’s why you need to invest your resources into YouTube subscribers, likes and views if you want to make the best of your YouTube marketing campaign. If your video has a lot of comments it would make perfect sense if it also had a lot of views and likes. This brings additional value to your video and draws more attention in general. 


Comments help you boost the credibility and social proof for your videos. Leverage their power and boost your brand’s visibility today!